Bounte creates deeply woven electronic music — about love, loss, melancholia, and outer space.

An electronica/IDM study in bass and beats, at moments upbeat, offbeat, aggressive, moody, and light, with some gnarled deep dives into low frequencies.

On this beautifully constructed and haunting EP, Chicago’s Bounte (working with Alan Ruffin and Catcher James) takes inspiration from author Colby Cuppernull’s short story collection, Best Man, capturing both the emotional exhaustion of the characters and the picaresque misery of the stories’ setting.

A quirky, intricate flow of electronica, anchored by a ton of electrobass.

Bounte’s signature blend of genres are on display throughout this EP — from IDM to trip-hop to industrial, even touching on disco — at times woven with intricate programming, at others cobbled together with brute-force production. The result is a slick yet emotional electronic album that calls on one to drop the self-censoring voice and trust the expression of loss, anger, confusion, frustration, desire, and bliss.

In his second full-length album, Two, Chicago producer Bounte further develops his clever integration of myriad synths, beats, vocals, and ambient textures into a gripping blend of electronic, pop, jazz, and classical structures. Hard-hitting electro anthems like “Small Together” and “What’s in the Cards” are contrasted with delicate, mournful ballads “Unborn” and “Taking You”, while label-defying tracks like “Thingawowzer” showcase Bounte’s musical inventiveness and creative programming.

The second release from Chicago native Bounte, this four-song EP is an aggressive, pounding counterpoint to 2007’s One. Dominated by grinding beats, heavy distortion, and cavernous reverb, overlaid with glitchy throbbing synth work, Maximal is an ode to the dark side of electronic music, while maintaining Bounte’s signature melodic touches and traditional Chicago house flavor.

One is the debut album from Chicago native Bounte. Combining a breakbeat and IDM backbone with strong melodic textures and melodies, One is a unique take on the current electronic music scene. From the spacious female vocals of “Going Nowhere” and “Glide” to the skittering instrumental programming of “del Frompson,” One showcases Bounte’s musical inventiveness, all the while maintaining a current sensibility. The production by Wade Alin (The Atomica Project, Christ Analogue) adds a modern shine to the mix, and brings the music’s ambient undercurrent in to the open.