power jank

Power HoinhThis is the hoinh that’s been powering my laptop at live shows. If you zoom in, see that part where it plugs into the computer? The corresponding part on the computer looks marginally better. In fact the laptop itself hardly looks much better than this hoinh. But surprisingly, despite the 2-minute battery that falls out and a CD drive that chugs more than spins, it all works reliably. Or it did until the 2nd-to-last show on the tour (Boston) when this hoinh started throwing sparks. Right there where you see the emergency-applied clear duct-tape, in fact. Under the black tape is where my dog chewed the cord, so it’s not her fault.

The thing still technically works, but I’ll be borrowing a safe power supply for the next show, while waiting for the new one I ordered to come in the mail.