remixesI’ve added a bunch of my remixes to the Audio page. The Marvin Gaye is a very early track of mine that has always gone over well.

I don’t think people take me seriously when I say I like doing remixes. When I offer to make one, maybe they think I’m bullshitting them for networking purposes, or trying to garner a favor. But really, getting me to do a remix is like getting Christopher Walken to do a movie for you: all you have to do is ask (and provide some audio stems).

Working on a requested custom remix is more satisfying than doing something like the Marvin Gaye where the acapella or stems are freely available, and your remix is just one of 9000. It’s a personal connection with the music, and it’s just a fun exercise for me. I don’t feel as “precious” with a remix as I do my own tracks, so I tend to pump them out pretty fast.