Sketchbook Festival debriefing

Last night’s DJ set went very well. Sheena, Kenny, and the rest of the crew at Collaboraction were quite friendly and good at their jobs. I “spun” tracks between the short plays and did my best to match tunes to the mood of each piece. It was a little difficult since I had to keep my laptop screen off during the sketches, for blackout purposes, so I had to think of all the tracks in my head, then queue them up at the last moment when the lights went back on.

I pulled out a few new unreleased Bounte tracks, which the crowd seemed to dig, so that’s a good sign. At the end I was free to do a few more, and while I stuck mostly to electronica the whole evening, with a brief Chris Randall interlude, I surprised myself by going into some pseudo-trance pieces, if you can count Hybrid as trance. I handed out a few stickers and business cards, and filled out a W-9, which means I’m being paid, so the evening was overall a success.

And jeepers, is it ever easier to take just my laptop case to a performance than a giant wood/metal keyboard, turntable, mixer, laptop, corresponding road cases, and 2 keyboard stands with a tabletop.