Pieces on the verge…

…of falling into place. Sometimes I work on things for such a long time and nothing seems to happen. Then everything starts to converge. It’s hard to bear that cycle in mind sometimes as I toil away seemingly without end.

Bounte is starting to roll towards life as a live project. I’ve found a great vocalist that’s into doing some live shows, I finally got a hold of my desired guitar player, the tracks for the second album are approaching the head of the line for mixing, I’ve starting arranging tracks for live instrumentation, and I’m close to putting an offer on a home in which I could record music and host small-scale practices.

The Atomica ProjectSo, plenty busy with all that. And a massive Beatserv pack is also on the way. And the weather is still crap, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from going out to see some great local shows, like The Atomica Project this Friday at The Metro.