W. 2020 alley, 900-800 N

[audio:audiomap/bounte_w-2020-alley-900-800_100204.mp3|titles=W. 2020 alley – 900 to 800 blocks – north to south]
Something a little different: the alley next to Damen, and some sounds of winter. I wasn’t sure how to notate a Chicago alley, so I’m calling it the west 2020 alley. Features gate opening and closing, walking on and crunching ice/snow, kicking around other litter in the alley, some guy vacuuming his Mustang or something, an airplane overhead, some men at work near the end, and a big CTA bus at the very end. And of course the ubiquitous whup-whup of walking, cars in the distance, and wind noise.

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