Alan and Alin

I met with Alan and Wade last night to wrap up Alan’s part of Bounte: Two. He took the songs in some unexpected, but cool and beautiful directions, definitely adding a lot of presence and connection to the tracks. I brought my camera to document it, but forgot to take any pictures. I could have captured Alan recording vocals, Wade working the tracks, Ella sleeping, even Charles Levi showing up. Alan is coming over Sunday to work on some of his tracks so maybe I can stage a shot of him singing and pretend it’s on my tracks.

Since I don’t have any other photos ready, here’s one of Jack Bauer.

One song still needs vocals, which Wade convinced me to rescue from tumbling into the trash heap. It has a great beat and groove but needs a human lead of some sort, so Wade is bringing in some local rap talent. So with that, the album is all in Wade’s hands now for the final mixing.

A productive day, so I’m taking a few moments to relax and watch 24. Such a high-tension show is a bit dangerous to watch on Netflix streaming because one could watch it 24 hours in a row.