finger style

1969 Martin 016-NY

I’m borrowing a very nice guitar that’s made for finger style and sounds stunning when played by someone with guitar skills, so I figured I should learn how to use it properly. So I took a finger picking guitar workshop this weekend at the Old Town School of Folk Music. What better place to learn how to play a folk guitar? It’s a friendly and relaxed atmosphere there. The workshop leader, Charles Kim, is a very fine teacher who seems to enjoy playing and teaching.  While I learn most things just fine on my own, it’s nice to have some foundations to build off of. At least I know how some of that jangly contrapuntal guitar music is made now. Actually, for someone like me with a more linear music sense, the finger style is a comfortable concept. And as a bass player, the finger movements are already somewhat familiar.

I don’t know that I’ll include the style in any songs, but it is a new tool in the toolbox. I’ll keep practicing the couple patterns I learned and see how it goes.