You want some new songs?

questionI’m sure a lot of people are wondering if I’m still making music. I very much am, but it’s a slow process putting a whole album together. When I started on it, three years ago now, CD albums were still pretty much what a musician shot for. But I don’t write songs that fast. About a year into it, the whole industry seemed to change, and the concept of the CD album melted away, dissipated, unraveled. It seemed like smaller online EPs and singles were necessary to keep your music current and accessible. Not to mention that live performances seem almost essential now for generating buzz, and Bounte has never been much of a live project.

But I was left with this whole album project in mind and in process. So I kept at it, writing demos, and filing them away, took hiatuses for getting married and honeymoon, developing Beatserv and for playing with The Atomica Project, took some trips around the country. This year I became a homeowner and moved around town, and helped some friends produce their music. By this time, all the writing was done, but 11 songs still needed final vocal recording and mixing, and that all takes time as well.

Right now 2 or 3 songs are completely done, ready for consumption, and I’m deciding what to do with the whole pile of work. Do I share a couple tracks now to keep everyone interested? Do I reserve it all for a come-out-of-nowhere surprise attack? Do I release the whole thing myself? Do I shop around for record labels? Any ideas?