Keep at it

“…as long as you believe in what you do, you need to keep at it whether we ‘get it’ or not.”
astralwerks demo submission page

It’s been a while since I’ve seen that kind of encouragement. Even though that was probably written in 1998, it was nice to read. Lately it seems like I’ve gotten a lot of “if you haven’t reached milestone ‘X’ you might as well quit” type of advice. Frustrating, yes.

Frustrated? Yes. I admit that I overflow with negativity at times. I don’t do the art I do because I’m hunky-dory with the world. I also don’t do the art I do because I like or am any good at self-promotion (quite the opposite). But while art is about self-expression, success is about self-promotion. Frustration for me arises when the promotion bogs down the expression and suddenly there’s no expression left to promote.